Cactus and succulent (Echeveria Elegans, Grafted moon cactus, and Haworthia Cymbiformis)

I like nature and plants in general but succulents are my favorite. However, I love cacti the most. (Cactus is subtype of succulent itself, so following applies to both mostly)

Cactus teach you that no matter how the situation is, you keep living your life the fullest. Not just that, bloom like you are the happiest.

- Me 😁


It doesn’t need any care. You go on a vacation for a month and on return, the catus will welcome you with the same freshness.

No water, no issue; no sunlight, no issue; too much sunlight, no issues.


No offence to rose lovers (I like roses too) but they are liabilities (the princess of plants). Roses are beautiful.

But, cactuses are equaly beautiful. I admire their beauty more as it came without care!

Just look at the images of Huernia Zebrina blooms

It makes my ugly shoe rack beautiful


It produces awesome flowers as seen in other photos, here are some more (Barrel cactuses, Echinocactus spp)


You put all of them in one pot and still they will thrive (Bunny Ears Cactus)


How it started

and how it is going

Every leaves of these plants can be potentially a plant. Name the plant is literally “mother of thousands”


It can take wierd (argubly beatiful) shape without any special treatment

Floowing two photos are the same plant (the first one is child of the second one) (Echinopsis oxygona - Easter Lily Cactus) This(above) plant enhanced office desk for many months

Image credit

Me me me. Everything is from my garden. I have many more I could not put in the post.

It feels like I need to use proper camera from next time!